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My Work

After twenty years of leadership as president of F.A. Rohrbach, Inc. and successfully transitioning the company to its new owner, I look forward 0btaining a senior project management position where I can lead a team to exceed expectations and maximize project results. The projects shall have benchmarks for which I will be accountable and rewarded when they are surpassed. I shall manage my team autonomously to excite, motivate and develop. The position shall be customer facing where I can understand the client’s pain, develop strategy to eliminate it, and produce results that warrant repeat service and premium pricing


Improved Production and Quality through Capital Investment

During robust economic development period, identified the need to improve production of the workforce to capitalize on growth opportunity. Researched and identified various investments, complete with pro-forma financial statements to ultimately select equipment that increased daily production four-fold with a higher standard of quality. Established pricing policy that limited local competition from pursuing the same opportunity for a period of nearly ten years.

Established National Recognition for Quality and Performance in Construction, Bethlehem Skate Plaza

Following selection as Prime Contractor in a public bid engagement in a Design Bid Build Project delivery platform, established a collaborative environment among the customer (skateboarders), the client (public authority), designer (a skateboard enthusiast) and the construction team to complete a project that became recognized nationally for its quality of construction. Further, actual gross profit exceeded estimated gross profit by thirty percent.

Managed Single Project accounting for nearly 35% of Annual Revenue and 45% of Gross Profit, Bethlehem Steel Stacks

Following selection as Prime Contractor in an Constructor Manager as Agent Project delivery platform, offered value-added designs and services to increase original contract value by over thirty percent and closed the project with a 31.5% gross profit margin. Further, recognized for quality of construction by state industry association. The Bethlehem Steel Stacks became recognized as the premium outdoor entertainment and arts venue in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

Co-Authored Technical Report detailing specifications for the use of Concrete in Green Construction, ACI 522 Committee

Advanced the use of pervious concrete as an alternative construction material to reduce runoff rates and protect water supplies. As a member of American Concrete Institute Committee 522, provided a constructor’s practical knowledge and application of means and methods for constructing pervious concrete pavements. The body of work became the master specification for construction of pervious concrete pavements in the United States.

Fostered the Development of Project-Centric Construction Documents, ConsensusDOCS

Following years of experience negotiating contracts to balance project risks equitably, represented the American Subcontractors Association in the initial development of ConsensusDOCS contract platform. Negotiating on behalf of subcontractors in collaborative effort of Designers, Owners, Constructors and Sureties to write contract terms and conditions that were balanced, fair, and best for the success of the project and not to the benefit or detriment of one single stakeholder. An ambition that was said could never be done, the work of the original negotiators became endorsed by forty industry associations.


Managing client relationships

Developing/Monitoring budgets/schedules to ensure outcomes

Responsiveness in crisis management

Articulating persuasive arguments, written and oral

Leading teams to peak performance

Pioneering Award, American Subcontractors Association


National Construction Best Practices Award American Subcontractors Association

Golden Eagle Service Award, ASA of Central Pennsylvania

Pyramid Award Associated Builders and Constructors

Excellence in Construction American Concrete Institute, Eastern Penna./Delaware

Certificate of Excellence in Ethics American Subcontractors Assoc.

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