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ITB - Brown Daub/Jeep A&R (Easton, Penna.)

Quadratus Construction Management is among a select few contractors requested to submit a proposal for additions and renovations to the Brown Daub Jeep dealership located at 3903 Hecktown Road, Easton Penna. This 11,000 SF project when complete will be a state of the art sales showroom and service office. We are soliciting proposals for the following trade contracts:

  • 02.41 Demolition concrete paving, interior walls, floor finishes, ceilings, plumbing and light fixtures, and HVAC ducts/GRDs

  • 03.30 Concrete foundations/slabs for new showroom and display areas.

  • 08.11 Door and Frames for wood doors complete with hardware sets.

  • 08.43 Aluminum Storefront & Glass Doors for sales showroom, display and office.

  • 09.22 Interior Framing consisting of metal studs, insulation and drywall (finished with 07.24 E.I.F.S on exterior columns/soffit) and 09.50 Ceilings consisting of ACT, gyp. board and new wood beams and 10.21 Toilet Partitions

  • 09.60 Flooring including porcelain (floor and wall), carpet and vinyl flooring.

  • 09.91 Painting of new interior walls and existing/new exterior walls.

  • 12.35 Casework for new counters, vanities and bars complete with laminate and quartz countertops.

  • 22 Plumbing disconnection/connection for removal of existing (removal by 02.41) and /installation of new fixtures. No new plumbing service required.

  • 23 Mechanical disconnection of existing branches and GRDs (removal by 02.41) and installation of new branches/GRDs. No new HVAC equipment required.

  • 26 Electrical disconnection of existing fixtures (removal by 02.41), new lighting and power as scheduled. NOTE: lighting fixture packages from national vendors shall be provided for buy-out by this trade contract.

Trade Contractors may submit proposals for one or multiple packages. Complete bid documents can be found within this Google Drive Folder which is divided into subfolders that include:

00 Trade Contractor Scope/Bid Forms

01 Contract Plans

02 Contract Specifications/Conditions

03 Contract Documents/General Requirements

04 RFI Responses/Addenda


  • 02-17 ITB Issued

  • 02-22 2pm Pre-Bid Meetings on Site (required for demolition contractors)

  • 03-02 RFIs due (last day)

  • 03-06 Issue Addendum with response to RFIs

  • 03-08 Proposals Due

  • 03-18 Notice of Awards/Issue Trade Contracts

  • 04-01 Construction Start

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