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Two contracts in the hand are better than...not much

Absolutely thrilled to be added to Storage Construction's pre-construction team on TWO!! new projects. With both I will be responsible for Pre-Construction Procurement.


North Penn Self Storage, Colmar, Penna. This is a new build of a three story, 87,000SF climate controlled storage facility.


Park Avenue Self Storage, Newark, New Jersey. This is the first phase of a conversion of an existing six story cast concrete and masonry structure into a 600+ unit storage facility. Hopefully, Nate didn't oversell with this introduction:

I wanted to make a “formal” email introduction to our PM for this project, Stephen Rohrbach (cc’d). Stephen has been a key player on our team since early ’18 and in that short time has been responsible for completing 7 projects totaling over 300,000 SF of self-storage. Stephen comes from a multi-generational construction family in the Lehigh Valley (Allentown, PA) area. It won’t take you long to realize his strength is in the details, planning & execution (which will be a great asset to this conversion project!) Attached is a project profile on a challenging 3-story Stephen ran from the ground up and completed last year. Nate Jones

Trade contractors in these market areas should check back within the next two weeks for opportunities to submit proposals.


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