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ITB: Park Avenue Self Storage (CubeSmart)

Storage Construction is the construction manager for the renovation of an existing 6 story concrete frame building in Newark, NJ into a new CUBESMART self storage facility. For this 55,000 SF project we will be requesting the following trade packages:

  • 02.41 Demolition of an existing single story building and selective demolition within the existing structure to be renovated:

  • 03.30 Concrete for a new stair tower foundation and misc. floor infills and leveling on the first floor.;

  • 04.22 Masonry for the new stairwell and block infills through the existing structure;

  • 05.50 Misc. Metals and Steel Framing the metal stairways and railings, and structural framing;

  • 08.11 Door and Frames for both wood and hollow metal doors;

  • 08.43 Aluminum Storefront & Windows for a new storefront and thermal pane replacement windows;

  • 09.22 Interior Framing of new interior metal stud walls, drywall and suspended ceiling with an alternate for exterior metal framed/metal panel awning and cable covers;

  • 09.60 Flooring including porcelain, carpet and vinyl flooring;

  • 09.91 Painting of CMU, misc. metals, door and frames;

  • 10.50 Storage Specialties to design/build the installation of unit roll up doors and corridor/unit partitions;

  • 21.13 Fire Suppression for the installation of a sprinkler system including a new fire pump and an alternate for fire alarm system;

  • 22 Plumbing for sewer/water connections of new bathrooms and an alternate for gas piping of the HVAC furnaces;

  • 23 Mechanical for new gas fired building conditioning and an alternate for gas piping of the HVAC furnaces;

  • 26 Electrical for power distribution and lighting, including site lighting and an alternate for fire alarm system;

  • 31-33 Site Construction for grading, paving, misc. site improvements and utilities.

Trade Contractors may submit proposals for one or multiple packages. Complete bid documents can be found within this Google Drive Folder(right click to open) which is divided into subfolders that include:

00 Trade Contractor Scope/Proposal Forms

01 Contract Drawings

02 Reports

03 Schedule

04 Contract Documents

05 Technical Specifications


  • 05-31 ITB Issued

  • 06-09 Pre-Bid Meetings on Site

    • 10:30 AM Demo (02.41) & Site Contractors (31-33)

    • 11:30 AM Mechanical Contractors (21 thru 26)

    • 1:00 PM General Trades (03.30 thru 10.50)

    • Please register to attend the pre-bid meeting by completing this form (right click to open).

  • 06-23 RFIs due (last day)

  • 06-30 Issue Addendum with response to RFIs

  • 07-09 Proposals Due

  • 08-15 Notice of Awards/Issue Trade Contracts

  • 09-30 Construction Start

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